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About QualityToolsOnline™ …
For over twenty years, I’ve been making quality tools and concepts accessible to everyday problem solvers.
Today, however, the amount of knowledge you need to do your job every day is exploding! As a quality professional you don't have time to waste. You need to cut through information overload. You need information from a reliable and reputable source that is accessible, easy to find, and simple to understand.
That’s why we at The Quality Group developed QualityToolsOnline™ for you!
QualityToolsOnline™ provides you with a “continually growing” base of information on quality improvement philosophies, concepts, methodologies, and tools that will enable you to solve workplace problems, save money, and better serve and delight your customers!
Accessible online, QualityToolsOnline™ can help “jog your memory” on the things you learned in your training program. It’s also a great first-time read on many topics – the way you like it. Find it fast. Review it quickly. Apply it to your situation.
Best Wishes,
Diane S. Ritter
Director of Business Excellence
The Quality Group
Co-author of The Memory Jogger™ series of pocket guides
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